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Heinkel He 111 Collection
Part Three


1/72 scale, AIMS Decals


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number : AIMS Decals 72D010 He 111 col. Part 3
Scale: 1/72
Contents and Media: 1 decal sheet measuring 130mm x 200mm, 2 A4 full-colour instruction sheets with markings for eight aircraft in a zip-top bag.
Price: GBP6.50 available online from the Czech Six website
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Perfect register, good colour density and minimum carrier film. Up there with the best on the market.
Disadvantages: No starboard side views, you will have to assume the markings are the same on both sides. Camouflage pattern will have to come from another source.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Reviewed by
Glen Porter

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Here are AIMS third installment of 1/72 scale markings for Heinkel He 111 kits. With perfect register and colour density, the decals look very glossy and thin.

There are markings for eight aircraft, two P-2s, two H-6s, two H-16s, an H-20 and a Z-1. Good coverage for a single sheet. The two P-2s are one from the 3rd Staffel of I/KG 54 in day-time colours, May 1940 and a night bomber from KG 55 with a very untidy black under-side, September 1940. Two H-6s are Stab 1/KG 26 in Norway, autumn 1942 and 6/KG 26 in Italy, summer 1943, both in day-time colours. H-16s are represented by one from II Gruppe Stab of KG 53, Southern Russia 1943 and a glider tug on the Eastern Front, winter 1943/44 with white-washed upper surfaces. This last aircraft was included because of errors in the Hasagawa kit decals. The H-20is a machine from 4/KG 53 flown by Kapitan Oblt Dietrich Kornblum on the central Russian Front during June 1944 and has clouds of RLM 76 over the RLM 70/71/22 finish. The last, a Z-1 (zwilling), is TM+KI Wk/No. 2698 which saw action in the Ukraine, towing two Gotha Go 242 gliders in February 1943.

My only criticisms of this set are minor. The instructions do not include any starboard side profiles of the aircraft so you have to assume that the markings are the same on both sides. There are no camouflage diagrams for any of the subjects which is okay for most Luftwaffe aircraft because their patterns were standardized until you come across something different like profile No 7, and then you need photos of the port and starboard sides plus a plan view.

No matter if your building the older Italeri kit or the new Hasagawa, this set will come in very handy!

Highly Recommended.

Review Copyright 2006 by Glen Porter
Page Created 05 June, 2006
Last updated 04 June, 2006

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