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B.Roc, MS 406, D.XXI, G.50 in Finnish AF Service

Finnish Fighters of WW II
with Resin Skis for Fokker D. XXI





1/72 scale



S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: AML Decals AMLD 72 022 Finnish Fighters.
Scale: 1/72 scale
Contents and Media: 1 decal sheet 100mm X 170mm covering six aircraft, 5 dark grey resin parts on four casting blocks, 2 A5, double sided instruction sheets with twenty computer generated colour decal placement diagrams (14 side views and 6 plan views) plus a third A5 sheet with colour keys, references and assembly instructions for the resin parts.
Price: 108,40 Kč (approx. USD$4.95) available online from hobbyshop.cz
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Interesting colour schemes and markings for some well known pilots, good register, colour density and thin film and very well cast resin parts.
Disadvantages: No kit recommendations; no stencils for two of the subjects.
Recommendation: Recommended

Reviewed by Glen Porter

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When I started writing this review I didn't know what to call it as there is no title on the sheet. Hardly a serious criticism, just odd.

There are six aircraft on the sheet - a Blackburn Roc, MS 406, BF 109 G6 and three Fokker D. XXIs. The first two Fokkers are both on skis while the third is shown on both skis and wheels at different periods in its life. The aircraft are:

  • Blackburn Roc, RO-143, Scotland, March 1940 in standard Fleet Air Arm colours with just white spots in six positions on wings and fuselage.

  • Morane MS 406, MS-327, flown by Msgt U. Lehtovaara of 2/LeLv 28, Lunkula airfield, September 1941 in standard French colours with Finnish National markings.

  • BF 109 G6 W.Nr. 165 267, MT-451, flown by Major Eino Luukanen of 1/HLeLv 34, Taipalsaari airfield, July 1944 in German mid-war colours and Finnish markings.

  • Fokker D. XXI, FR-92, 2/LeLv 12, Nurmoila airfield, December 1942 in full Finnish colours and markings.

  • Fokker D. XXI, FR-83, 2/LeLv 12, Nurmoila airfield, February 1942 in the same colours as above. Both of these Fokkers have Wright engines.

  • Fokker D. XXI Twin Wasp, FR-157, flown by commander Maj. L. Bremer of E/LeLV 30, Utti airfield, September 1941, with wheeled undercarriage.

  • The same aircraft, FR-157, flown by 1Lt. V. Lilja of 1/LeLv 30, Rompotti airfield, February 1943, on skis with random white patches over standard Finnish colours.

Where appropriate, each aircraft has personal and kill markings.

The five resin Fokker D. XXI ski parts look as good as any I've seen, in very dark grey resin with nice clear detail and no bubbles. The two main ski legs are moulded on one casting block and each of the skis has its own.


Providing you have a good base kit this set should help to make a very attractive model.

Recommended to all Finnish Air Force fans and to those who just want something different.

Thanks to HobbyShop.cz for the review sample

AML Decals are available online from the hobbyshop.cz website

Review Copyright 2006 by Glen Porter
Page Created 05 September, 2006
Last updated 10 September, 2006

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