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Arado Ar 234B-2 Decals

Cutting Edge Modelworks



S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number, Description and Price: CED48201 Arado Ar 234 Part One
CED48202 Arado Ar 234 Part Two
Scale: 1/48
Price: USD$8.99 each
Contents and Media: each 1 x decal sheet; one letter-sized full colour instruction sheet; one half-letter sized text description sheet
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Recon markings included, permitting the use of the cameras included in the Ar 234 kit; good quality instructions; perfect registration; minimal carrier film.
Disadvantages: TBA
Recommendation: Recommended


HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Meteor Productions




Cutting Edge has released two new decal sheets for Hasegawa's 1/48 scale Arado Ar 234B-2. The subjects covered are:

CED48201 Ar 234Bs #1:

Ar 234B-2 W.Nr.140173, Josef Regler, Staffelkapitan 9./KG 76, the first Ar 234 to be obtained by the Allies

Ar 234B-2, Hans-Georg Bštcher, commander III./KG 76; B-2, Friedrich Bruchlos 8./KG 76, attack on Remagen bridge

Ar 234B-2 W.Nr.140311, USA 40, Formerly II./KG 76, surrendered to RAF at Stavanger, Norway, May 1945, handed over to Watson's Whizzers, designated 404. Later became FE-1011 in USA

Ar 234B-2 W.Nr.140356, Air Ministry #226, Formerly II./KG 76, surrendered to RAF at Stavanger on May 10, 1945 and subsequently flown by Lt Cdr E.M. Brown

It was a pleasant surprise to see an additional two sets of markings for recon Ar 234s from Kommando Sperling with the "propelled sparrow" badge on the forward fuselage. These will permit the modeller to use the cameras supplied in Hasegawa's kit:

Ar 234B-2 W.Nr 140151, Werner Muffrey, Kommando Sperling

Ar 234B-2 W.Nr 140153, Werner Muffrey, Kommando Sperling


CED48202 Ar 234Bs #1:

Ar 234B-2 W.Nr.140466, Air Ministry #24, formerly 8H+HH of AufklGr 33,

Ar 234B-2 W.Nr.140312, surrendered at Stavanger, Norway

Ar 234 S2 W.Nr.140102, Rechlin Experimental Station

Ar 234B-2 #202 "Jane I" W.Nr.140489 or 140343, BuAer No. 121445.





Both decal sheets are beautifully printed with minimal carrier film. The instructions are also first-class. Owing to the uncertainty of the actual colours used on these late-war bombers, the modeller is offered the choice of finishing the subjects in either 70/71 or 81/82 upper surfaces.

I have already had the chance to use the decals on my Hasegawa Ar 234. The sizing looks very accurate, and the decals responded perfectly when applied to the gloss coated surface of the model. I applied a coat of Super Set, and the markings settled invisibly into panel lines.




Thanks to Meteor Productions for the preview pictures and information.

Cutting Edge Modelworks accessories are available online from Meteor Productions website

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Last updated 14 August, 2003

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