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Electronic Intruders
EA-6A Intruder


CAM Decals



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Catalogue Number and Description:

48-061 Electronic Intruders EA-6E

Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: One decal sheet; instruction sheet with a colour cardboard header
Price: USD$8.00
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Captures the spirit of USN bright Squadron markings over Gull Gray and White; decals sharply printed and in perfect register; stencil data included.
Disadvantages: Revell 1/48 EA-6A kit long out of production
Recommendation: Recommended


Reviewed by Rodger Kelly

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Staying with the gull grey and white theme, CAM 48-061 features Grumman EA-6A Intruders.  Two option are provided, one a ship borne USMC aircraft and the other a US Navy machine. 

Bureau number 156992 of VMCJ-2 “Playboys”, when it was aboard the USS Forrestal in 1971.  This EA-6A sports basic by the book camouflage and markings. 

Unique markings include:

  • The black AA of the airwing identifier that is edged in white and overlayed with a red lightning bolt.

  • The squadron’s Playboy Bunny for the rudder.

A fairly complete set of stencil data and stars and bars complete the markings for this aircraft. 

Next is Bureau number 156984 of VAQ-209 “Star Warriors”, CVWR-20 at Naval Air Station Norfolk in 1978.  Again, this option is in the standard colour scheme and markings of that time period. 

The squadron markings consist of:

  • The AF airwing identifier is black over the top of two parallel yellow lightning bolts that are thinly edged in black.

  • The squadron’s Darth Vader emblem for the rudder.

This option is also provided with a further set of stencil data and stars and bars. 

The artwork and printing on this sheet is excellent.  Each of the decals is sharply printed and in perfect register.  Even the tiniest of the stencil data decals are readable under magnification.  The decals are very thin and the carrier film around each decal has been kept to an absolute minimum.   The decals themselves have been printed by Microscale. 

Decal placement is guided by a landscape format A-4 sized page that show both aircraft in profile with upper left wing plan as well to show the stars and bars as well as the modex for the flaps and “no step” stencil data.  All decals are numbered to show their placement.  Further side profiles are provided on the cardboard header, this time in full colour.   This header also protects the decals from bending and creasing.

This sheet was specifically produced for the Revell/Monogram EA-6A 1/48 scale kit.  Unfortunately, this kit has long been out of production.  I wouldn’t let that fact deter you from purchasing this sheet though as it is bound to be re-released in the future. 

This is an excellent sheet from CAM that captures the US Naval aviation’s era of bright squadron markings on gull grey and white camouflage perfectly. 


Thanks to Brookhurst Hobbies for the review sample.

CAM Decals are available online from their website at http://www.camdecals.com and from Brookhurst Hobbies

CAM Decals 59 page 2002 color catalog of decals and resin parts is also
now available through the CAM Decals website

Review Copyright © 2002 by Rodger Kelly
This Page Created on 11 November, 2002
Last updated 14 August, 2003

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