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Fw 190A
Part 2


1/32 Scale Decals



Cutting Edge Decals



S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number:

CED32069 Fw 190A Part 2

Scale: 1/32
Contents and Media: Double-sided full colour letter-sized instructions plus notes sheet; 1 x full-size decal sheet.
Price: USD$9.99 from Meteor Productions website
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Sharp printing, colourful subjects, thin carrier film, includes stencil data
Disadvantages: Registration problem on one option.
Recommendation: Recommended


Reviewed by Rob Baumgartner

HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Meteor Productions




Cutting Edge continues to provide modeller’s with alternate markings for Hasegawa’s excellent Fw 190A series.

This latest release concentrates on a couple of perennial favourites as well as one of the more unusual schemes. Of the three aircraft represented, two are Fw 190 A-8s and the other is an Fw 190A-6.

As usual, the printing is first class. The colour density is good and the carrier film is positioned to allow the easy transferring of the image to painted surface.

What is strange is that the normally perfect registration has been compromised. It occurred on the same type of “layering” as Part 1 of this series and involves the black and white number and Stab markings. These items relate to Priller’s aircraft only and do not affect any of the other options.

Both swastikas and fuel triangles are made up of two parts so there will never be any problems here. The very thin carrier film ensures that laying one decal on top of another will not be noticeable when viewing the final result.

Stencil data is always welcome and enough is provided on this sheet for one aircraft. The printing is clear and legible with a separate instruction sheet giving details as to their placement.



Marking Options


Three aircraft are contained on the single sheet and are as follows:

1. Fw 190A-8, Stab/JG 26, France, June 1944.

Priller’s aircraft have always made popular subjects and one of his more familiar ones is shown here. He personalised his aircraft by painting an Ace of Hearts playing card below the cockpit of his machines. The name “Jutta” was a reference to his future wife Johanna Rigele.

Priller ended the war with 101 victories (including at least eleven bombers) and died on 21 May 1961.

2. Fw 190A-8/R2, 6/JG 300, Lobnitz, Germany, November 1944.

This controversial machine was flown by Unteroffizier Paul Lixfeldt. There is some debate over the background colour of the cowling badge so Cutting Edge supply both yellow and white surrounds…very thoughtful.

Another wise move is the two part printing of “Muschi”, which resided below the cockpit. Any misalignment here of the black outline can only have the modeller to blame.

Photos show a very boyish appearance to Lixfeldt standing in front of this battle weary aircraft, but nonetheless he did score two confirmed victories.

3. Fw 190A-6, flown by Adolf Galland, Fall 1943.

This unusually marked aircraft was flown by the General der Jagdflieger as a means to get to and from appointments.

He survived the great conflict with 104 victories and died on February 9, 1996.





Cutting Edge has produced another reason to get the Hasegawa kit off the shelves and onto the modelling bench.

Two favourites are back for a return in the larger scale and a third often forgotten subject allows the builder a chance for something different.

The usually excellent standards have run into a minor registration problem of late but hopefully this is isolated to the review sample.


Thanks to Meteor Productions for the sample


Review Text Copyright © 2005 by Robert Baumgartner
Page Created 25 October, 2005
Last updated 24 October, 2005

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