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F-8 Crusader Part Three


Cutting Edge Decals



S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number:

CED48212 - Crusader Part Three

Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: Double-sided full colour letter-sized instructions plus notes sheet; 1 x full-size decal sheet.
Price: USD$8.99 from Meteor Productions website
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Colourful options; sharp printing; perfect register; well-detailed decal placement guide; information sheet on the aircraft; single set of stencil data included
Recommendation: Recommended


Reviewed by Rodger Kelly

HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Meteor Productions




New from Cutting Edge Modelworks are five sheets covering the F-8 Crusader.  Two aircraft are featured on each sheet and they offer a variety of markings that span the service life of the Crusader. 

CED48212, Crusader Part 3 provides markings for a Navy and a United States Marine Corps (USMC) F-8E. 

The first aircraft is F-8E Bureau number 49150, modex 101 assigned to VF-211 “Checkmates”.   This aircraft is a “Mig Killer” and the markings provided depict it at the time it was being flown by Commander Paul H. Speer from the USS Bon Homme Richard when he downed a Mig 17 on 19 May 1967.  Finish is gull grey and white with a white radome as well as a (burnt) natural metal exhaust. 

Markings consist of: 

  • 101 modex for the nose and the top of the right wing in black

  • Black NP airwing identifiers for the vertical stabilizer with a further one for the top of the right wing.

  • Pilot’s name for both sides of the canopy rails.

  • Large black Bureau number for the base of the vertical stabilizer with a smaller set for the Bureau number block on the rear fuselage.

  • Black NAVY and VF-211 titles for the rear fuselage.

  • A set of black walkways for the top of the rear fuselage.

  • A kill marking consisting of a North Vietnamese flag for either side of the nose with a further six for the ventral fins.  The first marking commemorates Commander Speers’s Mig kill whilst the others signify all of VF-211’s kills during the Vietnam War.

  • VF-211’s signature “checkerboard” rudder markings are supplied as separate decals, the red checks themselves for the rudder (you will have to paint the rudder white yourself), as well as red “swoose” marking for the top of the vertical stabilizer.  These latter markings incorporate white abbreviated 01 modex.

For those who like photographic proof of the modelling subjects, there is a picture of this aircraft on the top of page 34 of the Squadron/Signal F-8 Crusader Also noteworthy in the picture is the lack of the ship’s name above the NAVY titles on the rear fuselage. 

Next is a USMC bird.  F-8E Bureau number 150328 belonging to VMF(AW) 235 “Death Angels”.  The markings supplied depict the aircraft whilst it was based at Da Nang, in the then Republic of Vietnam in September of 1966. 

Again, the finish is gull grey and white but this time it sports a black radome as well as black fin tip. 

Markings include: 

  • 8 modex for the nose in black and abbreviated “8s” for the top of the fin.

  • Black DB airwing identifiers for the vertical stabilizer.

  • Pilot’s names for the canopy rails (Captain W. Camphij)

  • Large black Bureau number (abbreviated to the “last four” in typical USMC fashion) for the base of the vertical stabilizer with a smaller set for the Bureau number block on the rear fuselage.

  • Black MARINES and VMF(AW) 235 titles for the rear fuselage.

The “Death Angels” unique red and white markings are supplied as a mixture of complete decals as well as partial ones.  The nose markings are complete and are split into separate left and right handed designs.  The ventral strakes sport six white stars against a red background.  The white stars are supplied as a single decal but you will have to paint the red of the ventral strakes yourself.  The “swoose” marking for the top of the vertical stabilizer though is supplied as a complete decal. 

This aircraft also features on page 34 of the Squadron/Signal F-8 Crusader book and it is nice and dirty! 

There is only a single set of national insignia as well as a fairly limited selection of stencil data to cover both aircraft.  I liked the fact that the intake warning is supplied with the white portion as a decal.  This will save you from the tedious task of masking off the white when you paint the gull grey fuselage sides. 

The decal placement guide follows Cutting Edge’s normal fashion of a full colour double-sided a-4 sized sheet.  It shows left hand side views of both aircraft on the front and a single top view on the back. 

The decals themselves are sharp, clear and in perfect register. Although not stated anywhere, they look as if they have been printed by Microscale such is the quality of the printing.  The decal sheet and placement guide come packed in a clear plastic zip-loc bag. 

The recommended kit is the new Hasegawa F-8.  From what I have seen published on the internet, these decals have been specifically sized to fit the Hasegawa kit so applying them to the Monogram F-8 would be problematic although a quick dry-fit of the VF-211 rudder markings reveal that could use them with a bit of adjustment 

This is another nice sheet from Cutting Edge. 


Thanks to Cutting Edge Modelworks for the review samples..

Cutting Edge Modelworks products, including Cutting Edge Decals, can be viewed at
Meteor Productions website

Review Copyright © 2003 by Rodger Kelly
This Page Created on 14 April, 2003
Last updated 14 August, 2003

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