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Yellow 10 and Friends

Fw 190D-9/11/13

1/32 Scale


EagleCals Decals



S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: EC#59-32
Scale: 1/32 scale (also available in 1/72, 1/48 scale)
Contents and Media: Two decal sheets and instructions
Price: USD$10.00
Review Type: Preview
Advantages: Sharp printing, perfect registration, full stencil data, superbly researched.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Rob Baumgartner

Eagle Cals #59-32 is available online from Squadron.com


F i r s t   L o o k


“Dora” enthusiasts no longer have to wonder where to get decals for the other “D” series aircraft. This latest sheet offers markings for the Fw 190 D-13, two D-11s and a D-9. 

To help the uninitiated, EagleCals provide a breakdown of the differences between the various types, accompanied by some helpful illustrations. Very thoughtful! 

Two decal sheets are needed and they come superbly printed. All items were in perfect register with minimal carrier film. As usual a full set of stencil data is provided and this is a credit to EagleCals. 

The instruction sheet is well laid out with easy to follow placement diagrams for the markings of each aircraft. Once again Thomas A. Tullis provides the excellent artwork. A full page is devoted to the location of the comprehensive stencil data.


The Aircraft



"Yellow 10”, Fw 190 D-13/R11, W.Nr. 836017 flown by Major Franz Goetz, Stab JG 26 May 1945.


This is the aircraft that is on display at the Champlin Fighter Museum, Mesa, Arizona.

The upper surfaces are very unusual in that they are finished in RLM Grey-Violet with a heavy mottle of RLM 82 Light Green and RLM 83 Dark green. Although the fuselage sides were finished in RLM 76 Light Blue, the lower wing surfaces were not. They were left in natural metal with the front half painted RLM 75 Grey-Violet.  The under surfaces of the ailerons and elevators received a coat of RLM L76 Light Blue. The spinner was finished in the Stab colour of RLM 25 Bright Green upon which a white spiral was painted.

National markings consisted of the 910mm B6 type white crosses on the wing upper surfaces and solid black 900mm B1b types below. The fuselage shows the 800mm B4 type cross with the black outline and the 420mm H3 Hakenkreuz appears on the tail. 

Most of the standard stenciling appears over painted but interestingly the word “Kommodore” appears on the lower radiator cowling. All antennas are intact and the machine is fitted with a blown canopy.


“<61”, Fw 190 D-11, W.Nr. 220014, Verbandsfuhrerschule GdJ. Bad Worishofen, Germany.


The guys at EagleCals have come across some interesting information with regard to this aircraft. For a while it wasn’t known if this example was “<61” or “<81”. Apparently it was both, with “<61” being applied to the wing leading edge to remind the crew of the “name change”, it originally having been “<81”. 

The camouflage was RLM 75 Grey-Violet and RLM 83 Dark Green over a RLM 76 Light Blue fuselage. The lower wings retained their natural metal finish with the front half being painted RLM 75 Grey-Violet. RLM 76 Light Blue was again used for the underneath of the ailerons and elevators. The hinged panel in front of the windscreen was RLM 82 Light Green and the fuselage extension plug and ring wing fillet appear natural metal.

Black outline B4 800mm crosses appear on the fuselage and a H3 420mm Hakenkreuz marks the tail. Upper wings display the usual B6 910mm white crosses and B4 900mm types are present below.  

Again we see the aircraft with a blown canopy and with all masts present.  

“Black 14”, Fw 190 D-9, W.Nr. 211018, Stab JG 26, Flensburg, Germany. 

A “normal” D-9 this time, which features the late 3-piece gun cowling and has all antennas present. 

Camouflage consists of RLM 82 Bright Green and RLM 83 Dark Green over a Green Grey fuselage. This time almost the entire under surface of the wing is Natural metal with just a bit of “overhang” from the Green-Grey at the leading edges. The aircraft also carries the black and white JG 26 RVD bands around the fuselage with the upper portion over sprayed for camouflage purposes.  

The fuselage carries the B4 style 800mm black cross and H3 420mm Hakenkreuz on the tail. Wing undersurfaces display B4 900mm black crosses while those above are of the white B6 910mm style. 

“<<-”, Fw 190 D-11, W.Nr. 220009, May 1945, Verbandsfuhrerschule GdJ. Bad Worishofen, Germany.


Like “<61”, this aircraft served at a flight school and is thought to have been a commander’s machine.  

RLM 75 Grey-Violet was used on the wing upper surfaces along with RLM 83 Dark Green. These were applied over a RLM 76 Light Blue fuselage. The wing undersurfaces were divided in two with the front portion being RLM 75 Grey-Violet and the rear part remaining natural metal. Aileron and elevator undersides were finished in RLM 76 Light Blue.

Note that there appears to be primer on each side of the fuselage plug.

National markings consist of the standard B6 910mm white upper wing crosses with the black B4 900mm type below. The fuselage shows the usual 800mm B4 black outline cross and the black H3 420mm Hakenkreuz is on the tail.





Again we have a very comprehensive sheet from EagleCals that will allow modelers to build the more unusual aircraft of this type. MicroScale have printed the decals so the quality is assured. The degree of research means that each subject can be tackled with confidence and a lack of reference material on the subject need not deter. 

These decals are designed with the latest Hasegawa offering in mind. Although we are yet to see aircraft other than the D-9 in 1/32 from this manufacturer, it is clear from the parts breakdown that other “D” series aircraft are in the pipeline.  


Thanks to Judy at Eagle Editions for the information and the preview images

EagleCals decals are available from Eagle Editions Website
or Hobby Retailers including Squadron.com.

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