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Fw 190

Luftflotte 4 & SG4


1/32 Scale    



EagleCals Decals


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: EC#91-32
Scale: 1/32 scale
Contents and Media: Two decal sheets and instructions
Price: USD$10.00 available online from Eagle Editions website
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Excellent colour reference sheet; sharp printing, perfect registration, full stencil data, superbly researched.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Floyd S. Werner Jr.

Eagle Cals #91-32 is available online from Squadron.com


F i r s t   L o o k


The end of the short nose FW-190 line, the FW-190F-8/F-9 sported some very colorful paint schemes with a variety of markings. EagleCals latest set of decals in 1/32nd for the Hasegawa FW-190F-8 offers plenty of color.

The instructions are presented on a three two-sided pages. Included is a page that has the color profiles to aid in decal placement and the colors. There is a topside view included. On the inside is a sheet depicting the stencil placement. The separate page, that in my opinion sets EagleCals above the rest, contains photos of the subject aircraft. This allows you to interpret the density of camouflage and other intricate details that you just can’t reproduce with the color profiles.

The decals themselves are contained on two sheets. The first sheet has the individual aircraft markings for four airplanes and the other has the stencils for one aircraft. Microscale prints the decals. The register is perfect, and they are opaque and thin. Because Microscale makes them they will react well with the Microscale setting solutions.

EagleCals offer some great decals, but the thing that I really like about them is they also offer some history with the description. For instance, the first aircraft on the sheet is unique in its paint scheme, but also in its history. Want something different in your Focke Wulf? How about a Natural Metal Finish aircraft? Strange enough? Well the story behind this aircraft is just as unique as the finish. Seems the end of the war was near and the pilot, Eugen Loercher, escaped with his fiancée riding in the rear fuselage. Unfortunately this aircraft is not shown on the accompanying A4 sized photo sheet.

The second aircraft is often seen in color photos from Luftflotte 4 at Ansbach Germany in the presents of a Bf-109G-10. “Chevron Yellow 5” is the standard RLM 74/75/76 but is very weathered. That is where the enclosed photos will help. EagleCals interprets the wingtips and ailerons in yellow, along with the yellow ring around the cowling and rudder, making this airplane a very colorful machine.

The third aircraft is sports an interesting paint scheme. It has the standard wings of 74/75 but the fuselage spine is resplendid with an overspray of 75/83. The markings are “Chevron Triangle Green 1” offers some visual interest. With the small yellow stripe on the fuselage, undercowling, wingtips and segmented spinner this is what a Focke Wulf should look like.

The final aircraft is actually an FW-190F-9. This aircraft shows the level of research done by EagleCals. If you can see the cooling fan in front of the engine you are a better man than me but EagleCals states that this particular aircraft had a 12 bladed cooling fan instead of a 14 bladed one. Luckily there are three photos included with the instructions. The aircraft sports a “Double Green Chevron” with yellow tail and cowl rings. This makes for an exciting paint scheme. You will need to use the bulged canopy and wing bulges for the outboard guns with this one.

I highly recommend these decals for the research, photos, and the quality of decals.

Thanks to Judy at Eagle Editions for the review sample

EagleCals decals are available from Eagle Editions Website
or Hobby Retailers including Squadron.com.

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