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Fokker Dr.I

Part 2


1/32 Scale


EagleCals Decals



S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: EagleCals EC#94 - Fokker Dr.I Part 2
Scale: 1/32 scale
Contents and Media: Two decal sheets and instructions
Price: USD$10.00 available online from Eagle Editions' website
Review Type: Preview
Advantages: Sharp clear printing, good range of schemes; plenty of stencil data.
Disadvantages: Slight confusion on some stencilling.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Rob Baumgartner

Eagle Cals #94-32 is available online from Squadron.com


F i r s t   L o o k

EagleCals' series of decals for Roden’s 1/32nd scale Fokker Dr.I continues with the welcome appearance of Part 2. Like the release before it, it comes as a single decal sheet but due to space restraints, two subjects are presented.

There were no registration problems at all on my example and the printing was surrounded by thin and minimal carrier film.

Stencil data for both aircraft is supplied which really is a necessity in this scale.



Axial and Fokker logos are present as are serial numbers, works numbers, datum lines, Flaechen-nummer and a weights table. These last two items are not quite portrayed correctly however.

The weights table perpetuates a long standing error concerning the bottom line. It should read “zulässiges Gesamtgewicht”. The other item, which is seen beneath each wing, displays the wing “set” number. So that there would be no confusion with the works number, “FL” was used as a prefix. This is not evident on the rendition provided here.

All data was printed sharply with the works numbers correctly matching the military serial number.


One of my personal favourites is Leutnant Hans Koerner’s Jasta 19 machine and my triplane will eventually be adorned in his markings.

The decals included not only the zigzag pattern for the sides but also the one that sat atop the fuselage. The black stripes to complete the Jasta 19 décor are also provided and these get placed over the modeller’s yellow painted tailplane.

Note that his triplane has been photographed with the addition of an Oigee telescopic sight which was mounted on a frame between the machine guns. To help him aim with this device, he removed the gun butt padding and substituted a centrally fitted pad to rest his chin against.

Koerner survived the war with 6 victories (some sources give 7) but later lost his life in a motorcycle accident, ironically while travelling to his aerodrome.

Inevitably, Manfred von Richthofen makes his debut with his last mount…425/17.

EagleCals supply the serial number in a maroon colour to simulate the red over painting of the black data. They also try to ease the builder’s task by providing fuselages crosses that resemble the alterations made from the Iron to Balkenkreuz.

Manfred’s 425/17 was seen in a couple of distinct states after the above marking changes so modellers should study their reference material carefully.

Although this is the most famous of all his triplanes, he only scored two victories in it. These were the last of his 80 and he was killed in this aircraft the very next day.





Notwithstanding the small problem with data stencilling, this is a good effort from EagleCals. The quality of printing is what we have come to expect from this manufacturer and the decals will easily snuggle down to give that “painted on” look.

Although clichéd, the “Red Baron” option will always be popular amongst the masses. Koerner’s machine is a subject that doesn’t come up too often in decal form and will be the one of choice for me.


Thanks to Judy at Eagle Editions for the information and the preview images

EagleCals decals are available from Eagle Editions Website
or Hobby Retailers including Squadron.com.

Preview Text Copyright © 2006 by Rob Baumgartner
This Page Created on 30 March, 2006
Last updated 29 March, 2006

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