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Pakistani F/FT-6 Decals




Catalogue Number: DEC3201
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: Waterslide Decals
Price: 16.95 Euro
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Thin; nice variation of color schemes.
Disadvantages: Some stencils illegible
Recommendation: Recommended

Reviewed by Dave Williams

PWMP Decals are available online from Meteor Productions




Previously know for their resin detail and conversion sets, Plastic World Modeling Products (PWMP) has entered the decal scene in a big way.



Their first 1/32 scale sheet is a much needed sheet for the popular Pakistani F/FT-6 (MiG-19). The sheet is designed to fit the Trumpeter kits. Markings are included for 6 aircraft:


  • F-6 of No. 15 Sqn. “Cobras” in grey camouflage with black and white checkerboards on the rudder and nose.

  • FT-6 of No. 25 OCU in grey camouflage.

  • FT-6 of No. 25 OCU in overall white.

  • FT-6 of No. 15 Sqn. “Cobras” in overall white with red and white checkerboards on the rudder and nose.

  • F-6 of No. 15 Sqn. “Cobras” in NMF with red and white checkerboards on the rudder and nose.

  • F-6 of No. 19 Wing in green over light blue with sharkmouth on the nose.


The decals are contained on one large 8 ½” x 11” sheet and seem quite thin. The decals are not printed on separate carrier film and must be individually cut out. The rudder and nose checkerboards consist of red or black checks with clear film in between. The white area is meant to be painted on the nose and rudder prior to decal application. Overlaying the kit rudder on the corresponding decal checkerboards shows a very close size match, so there should be little problem with fit. The registration is a little off at the front of the sharkmouth with some of the color segments being slightly longer than others, but this is very easy to fix by using a blade to cut the front edge even.


Insignia and stenciling are provided for one aircraft. No placement instructions are provided for the stencils, but they are numbered to match the stencil decals in the kit to allow use of the kit instructions (the single seat and twin seater kits use the same decal numbers for the stencils). A close inspection of the PWMP decal sheets shows that the stencils appear to be the same as in the FT-6 kit and even include decals that say “FT-6 10106”, which is the marking provided in the kit, but not one of the aircraft on the PWMP sheet. Strangely, some of the small blue stencils which can be read on the kit decal sheet are illegible on the PWMP sheet and the stencils seem generally less crisp than the kit decals. Also, a decal containing a line of four small colored circles is out of register on my sheet.

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:


The instructions are contained on three 8 ½” x 11” sheets and provide color side views of each aircraft and top and bottom views of the gray camouflage. One minor issue is the grey F-6, “Black 10434”, is shown on the instructions as having muzzle brakes on the wing cannon, while a photo in the Squadron In-Action book shows the aircraft without the brakes. This isn’t a problem as the Trumpeter kit included both types of muzzles.





This sheet should be a boon to those doing a Pakistani single-seater as previously your best bet was to beg someone to give up the decals from the FT-6 kit. Although I’m a little disappointed in the stenciling not being an improvement over the kit decals, I still recommend this sheet overall.

For those wondering where to pick up PWMP products, I bought my sheet from Luchtvaart Hobby Shop (www.lhshop.com) in the Netherlands, but Meteor Productions (www.meteorprod.com) also carries some PWMP items and I believe they can also be bought directly from PWMP (email to plasticworld@skynet.be ).

Hey PWMP, any plans for a late F-6 conversion set (Mk 10 seat, Sidewinder missile rails, blade antenna) to go with the sheet?

Sample courtesy of my spending money to keep the economy going.

Dave Williams
IPMS/USA 19050

Review Copyright © 2002 by Dave Williams
This Page Created on 08 December, 2002
Last updated 14 August, 2003

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