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Pre-war Hurricanes


7./JG 53
Bf 109
“Cartoon Aircraft”


Illiad Design



S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number and Description:

48001 Hurricanes
48002 7./JG 53

Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: Waterslide decals plus instructions and notes
Price: USD$9.00 / CDN$13.50 per sheet.
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Great timing for CA early Hurricane; varied markings for subjects; interesting cartoon artwork on Bf 109s
Disadvantages: No spinner spirals and curiously inconsistent swastikas for Bf 109s
Recommendation: Recommended


Reviewed by Steven "Modeldad" Eisenman

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Out of the blue appears a new aftermarket decal company, Iliad Design decals of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I accidentally found out about them when Kevin Ingraham, who knew I was building the CA Hurricanes, sent me their post card size advertisement included with IPMS/Canada’s publication RT.

Not knowing anything about the company, but being a sucker for modelers candy (as the old Aviation Usk use to call decals) and trusting of modelers, I sent my check off to Canada for a set of each.

The decals arrived, but the question remained; who is this mysterious Iliad Design? Going on a Homeric quest to find the answer, I found my first clue by accident. I was going through an old MSAP (Ministry of Small Aircraft Production) decal catalog looking for something or other, when I came across a sheet for Bf 109g-6s of JG53….with the cartoon art. Ah Ha a link! But these Iliad decals did not look like the old thick decals that MSAP produced. The Iliad decals are far thinner looking. Further inquiry revealed that yes, a former MSAP’er is involved in Iliad Design decals. I also learned that Hull is just inside Quebec, across the Ontario border

Now onto the decals:


Pre-War Hurricanes

The Pre-war Hurricane sheet has marking for four aircraft, but it appears that there are sufficient markings to do only three complete aircraft. While all the upper surfaces are in Dark Green and Dark Earth (with A / B scheme appropriately indicated), the undersides represent most of the schemes employed from the time the Hurricane entered service to the outbreak of war. Also, all the Hurricanes, but one, have “Rag Wings” and Watts two bladed props. But that one exception may be at issue.

  1. No. 73 Squadron, L1568 / S. This is an early production aircraft with kidney exhausts, venturi and no aft ventral fin. This aircraft has the aluminum underside with A-1 fuselage and upper wing roundels and type A under wing roundels. On the tail fin is a white spear head on which the squadron badge is usually placed. I’m not sure why it is not represented here.

  2. No. 17 Squadron, L1975 / UV*K. This aircraft has the early ejector exhausts, ventral fin and pitot tube. The underside has an aluminum colored right wing and fuselage with full markings (serial and type A roundel) and a black left wing without markings. This was instituted in July, 1937. The fuselage roundel is a type A. The tail fin also has the spear head, but in black and also without a squadron crest.

  3. No. 56 Squadron, L1990 /LR*R. This aircraft is said to have had metal wings and what appears to be a DH prop. The serial number, however, indicates that this was produced as a “rag wing” with a Watts Prop. As I do not have a picture of this aircraft, I cannot verify if this was one of the earliest conversion to metal wing and DH prop. The underside has a starboard white wing and black port wing to center line, with the remainder of the underside in aluminum, as was implemented early in 1938. There are no underside roundels, as was applicable to Home Defense based squadrons. Type B roundels are used on the fuselage and wing tops.

  4. No. 1 Squadron RCAF, 315. This aircraft, I believe, was Hawker built and shipped to Canada. The number 315 appears to be a Canadian number and is not part of the actual serial number. A-1 roundels are used on the fuselage and wing tops and type A are used on the wing undersides.

7./JG 53 Bf 109-G6/R6

I know nothing about these aircraft, so I can only give you what Iliad presents. These aircraft were stationed in Sicily in the summer of 1943 and all carried on their port flank a cartoon that represented nicknames, anecdotes or “in jokes”. As all the aircraft are painted in 74/75 76, with mottle, these cartoons provide a colorful addition to an otherwise dull camouflage pattern. The cartoons are very cleanly printed and have fine detail. There are cartoon markings for six aircraft, but it appears there are sufficient national markings to do only four complete aircraft.

The swastikas, however leave me scratching my head. Three pair are of the type where the white background is first applied and the black is then applied over it. There are also four pair where the black is printed on the white; they appear to be out of register.

Finally, while all the spinners have a black/white spiral, there are no decals for these. There are, however, instructions for masking the spiral, as the white does not taper off.





It is always good to see a new addition to the modeling market place, and with these two sets it looks like a good beginning. Clearly Iliad timed it right to coincide with the release of Classic Airframes’ “rag wing” Hurricane.

The markings for the JG 53 also will make for a most eye catching 109 that would not be a cliché. Even though I raised some issues, I recommend both of these sheets.

Iliad decals can be bought directly from Iliad design at 334 Sunnyside Avenue, Ottawa, ON Canada ($2.50 for shipping per order) or from FlightDecs http://www.tbaytel.net/fldecs/ or Hannants http://www.hannants.co.uk/

Review decals paid for by Modeldad.


Review Copyright © 2003
by Steven "Modeldad" Eisenman
This Page Created on 07 June, 2003
Last updated 14 August, 2003

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