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Model Alliance Premier Range

CH-126 Sea King
443 Sqn CAF


1/48 scale



S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number and Scale: Model Alliance Premier Range 1/48 MAS-489019 - CH-126 Sea King
443 Sqn CAF 60th Anniversary Scheme
Contents and Media: 1 x full sized decal sheet; two A4 sized full colour instructions
Price: GBP8.80 available online from The Aviation Workshop website
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Excellent colour reference sheet, thin carrier film, crisply printed; perfect register; good instructions
Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Mick Evans

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Model Alliance has produced another fine quality decal sheet depicting a Canadian Armed Forces CH-126 Sea King in the 60th anniversary scheme in 2004.

The decals are designed for the Hasegawa or Revell SH-3H Sea King but the kit will require some modification to depict a Canadian CH-126. Model Alliance recommends using Belcher Bits detail sets BB-01, 02, and 03 to complete the modifications.

The decals are superbly printed with good colour saturation and register. As usual the carrier film is ultra thin and my experience with Model Alliance Decals in the past has been that the decals have to be handled carefully and snuggle down into the surface detail well. The carrier film then almost totally disappears.

All the data decals are provided as well as the wing walkways. Markings are provided for 1 aircraft Serial No 12407of No 443 Sqn painted in FS36173 Grey. The aircraft has a huge hornet painted on each side of the cabin and black and yellow stripes along the tail boom. A 60th anniversary emblem 1944-2004 is painted on the port side of the fuselage in yellow while all other markings are the subdued low visibility grey.

Jon Freeman has once again done a superb job of the decal artwork and the instruction sheet artwork. Three thumbnail size photographs of the aircraft are included on the back cover of the instruction sheet.

Highly Recommended

Thanks to Aviation Workshop / Model Alliance (UK)  for the review sample

Model Alliance products are available online from the Aviation Workshop.

Review Copyright 2006 by Mick Evans
Page Created 24 May, 2006
Last updated 23 May, 2006

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