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Maxi Mask


Plastic Model Club


S u m m a r y

Catalogue No.,   Description and Price See listing below for available 1/48 scale sets
Available online from Karaya
Contents and Media: Black or grey flexible, self-adhesive vinyl masks for canopies, wheels, national markings, codes and serials
Scale: 1/48 (also available in other scales)
Review Type: FirstLook and FirstMask
Advantages: Already a good selection available; precise matching to kit parts on sample that I used; strong adhesive but no residue left on parts; no seepage or leakage under masks; well thought-out design; different thickness masks for different functions.
Disadvantages: Fairly basic instructions (i.e. no information or images for positioning of markings or camouflage schemes)
Recommendation: Recommended


Reviewed by Brett Green

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A new company from Poland called Plastic Model Club has thrown its hat into the expanding ring of vinyl mask manufacturers.

This new product is called Maxi Mask, and comprises a growing range of self-adhesive vinyl masks for aircraft in various scales. The masks cover canopies, wheels, national markings, codes and serial numbers The Mini Mask product provides canopy masks alone, while Maxi Masks include all of the major markings for specific aircraft.

Maxi Mask is presented in two different varieties of vinyl.



Masks for national markings, codes and serials are die-cut from a pale grey-green, thin translucent material very similar to Eduard masks. This material is fairly flexible, and the adhesive is quite low-tack (ie, not very sticky). This is fine for these larger shapes which do not have to be fitted around complex curves.

Masks for canopies and wheels are delivered on thicker, black vinyl with a much stronger adhesive. This is also ideal for canopy masking as the black vinyl provides high contrast to line up against canopy frames, and the strong adhesive won't let paint leak under the edges of the masks during spraying.

The only criticism of this new range of masks is that the instructions are very basic, comprising mainly of a black and white drawing of the provided masks. This is not a problem for wheels and canopies, but good reference will be essential when positioning national markings and individual letters/numbers, as there is no indication of location or camouflage whatsoever.

I used Maxi Mask on a 1/48 scale Tamiya P-47D Bubbletop that I built recently. The die-cut masks fitted perfectly between the moulded canopy frames on the kit parts. I also found that the mask for the Bubbletop canopy fitted well, even with the difficult shape of the contoured plastic.



Despite the strong adhesive, there was no glue residue upon removal, and the masks did not damage the coat of Future applied to the plastic prior to painting.

Below is a listing of currently available Maxi Masks in 1/48 scale:


Item Number Description Price (USD)
  SM48002    C6N1 Saiun HAS MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48003     Henschel Hs-129 B-2 HAS MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48004     DH Mosquito FB Mk.VI/NF Mk.II TAM MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48005     P-47D Razorback TAM (2 sheets) MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48006     Ki-46 Dinah III Kai TAM MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48007     Arado Ar-234 B-2 HAS MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48008     Bf-109 E-4/7 HAS/REV MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48009     Macchi MC.202 HAS MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48010     Beaufighter Mk.VI MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48011     Ki-84 Hayate HAS MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48012     Me-262 A-1a TAM MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48013     Hurricane Mk.I HAS MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48014     P-51 Mustang Mk.III TAM/ICM MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48015     Ki-61 Hien HAS MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48016     Aichi D3A Val HAS MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48017     A6M5c Zero HAS MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48018     Bf-109 F HAS MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48019     Hawker Typhoon Ib MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48020     Spitfire Mk.IXc HAS MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48021     Bf-109 E-3 TAM MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48022     Fw-190 F-8 TAM MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48023     F4U-1A Corsair TAM (2 sheets) MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48024     Spitfire Mk.Vb TAM MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48025     Fw-190 A-3 TAM MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48026     Savoia SM.79 Sparviero TRU MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48027     P-47 D Bubbletop TAM (3 sheets) MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48028     A7M2 Reppu FINE MOLDS MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48029     MiG-3 ICM MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48030     F4F-4 Wildcat TAM MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48031     Gloster Gladiator Mk.I ROD MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48032     F6F-5 Hellcat HAS MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48033     Junkers Ju-87B REV/HAS MINI MASK     1,90
  SM48034     Messerschmitt Bf-110 G-2 REV MINI MASK     1,90
  48001    B6N1 Tenzan HAS MAXI MASK     3,95
  48002    C6N1 Saiun HAS MAXI MASK     3,95
  48003    Henschel Hs-129 B-2 HAS MAXI MASK     3,95
  48004    DH Mosquito FB Mk.VI/NF Mk.II TAM MAXI MASK     3,95
  48005    P-47D Razorback TAM (2 sheets) MAXI MASK     4,70
  48006    Ki-46 Dinah III Kai TAM MAXI MASK     3,95
  48007    Arado Ar-234 B-2 HAS MAXI MASK     3,95
  48008    Bf-109 E-4/7 HAS/REV MAXI MASK     3,95
  48009    Macchi MC.202 HAS MAXI MASK     3,95
  48010    Beaufighter Mk.VI MAXI MASK     3,95
  48011    Ki-84 Hayate HAS MAXI MASK     3,95
  48012    Me-262 A-1a TAM MAXI MASK     3,95
  48013    Hurricane Mk.I HAS MAXI MASK     3,95
  48014    P-51 Mustang Mk.III TAM/ICM MAXI MASK     3,95
  48015    Ki-61 Hien HAS MAXI MASK     3,95
  48016    Aichi D3A Val HAS MAXI MASK     3,95
  48017    A6M5c Zero HAS MAXI MASK     3,95
  48018    Bf-109 F HAS MAXI MASK     3,95
  48019    Hawker Typhoon Ib MAXI MASK     3,95
  48020    Spitfire Mk.IXc HAS MAXI MASK     3,95
  48021    Bf-109 E-3 TAM MAXI MASK     3,95
  48022    Fw-190 F-8 TAM MAXI MASK     3,95
  48023    F4U-1A Corsair TAM (2 sheets) MAXI MASK     4,70
  48024    Spitfire Mk.Vb TAM MAXI MASK     3,95
  48025    Fw-190 A-3 TAM MAXI MASK     3,95
  48026    Savoia SM.79 Sparviero TRU MAXI MASK     3,95
  48027    P-47 D Bubbletop TAM (3 sheets) MAXI MASK     4,70
  48028    A7M2 Reppu FINE MOLDS MAXI MASK     3,95
  48029    MiG-3 ICM MAXI MASK     3,95
  48030    F4F-4 Wildcat TAM MAXI MASK     3,95
  48031    Gloster Gladiator Mk.I ROD MAXI MASK     3,95
  48032    F6F-5 Hellcat HAS MAXI MASK     3,95
  48033    Junkers Ju-87B Stuka HAS/REV MAXI MASK     3,95
  48034    Messerschmitt Bf-110 G-2 REV MAXI MASK     3,95
  K48001    Savoia SM.79 Sparviero TRU (4 sheets) SUPER MASK     5,00





Mini Mask and Maxi Mask are very effective masking solutions for a growing range of models in 1/48 and 1/32 scales.


Thanks to Dariusz Korczynski from Plastic Model Club for the review sample

Maxi Mask is available online from Karaya

Model, Text and Images Copyright 2004 by Brett Green
Page Created 13 January, 2004
Last updated 12 January, 2004

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