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Cutting Edge Decals




by Brett Green


HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Meteor Productions




Meteor Productions has supplied the following information on new decals that are shipping right now:

CED48031 P-38s #1:

P-38L, X, Miss Cheri, 80th FS, 8th FG, Mindoro & Ie Shima, April-July 1945; P-38H-1-LO, #161, Screamin' Kid, Capt John Loisel (8 kills), 432 FS, 475 FG, Jan-Feb 1944, Dobodura, New Guinea; P-38J-15-LO, H, Hillıs Angels, Lt Allen Hill (7 kills), 80 FS, 8 FG; P-38H-1-LO, #162, Skidoo, Lt Perry Dahl (9 kills), 432 FS, 475 FG, Jan-Feb 1944, Dobodura, New Guinea $8.99

CED48095 Skyraider Glossy Sea Blue Korean War



VF-194 AD-4NA with NOSE ART (2 aircraft); orange/white USMC AD-6 from AES-12; AD-6 from VA-85; green camouflaged A-1H from VA-115 $8.99

CED48199 Mustang Mania #2: 

P-51D, CY*D Bar, Capt. Frank Birtciels, "MISS VELMA", 343rd FS, 55th FG; P-51D, diving woman artwork, KI*S, Lt. Walter "Moon" Mullins, 55th FS, 20th FG; P-51D-5, ³Deviless,² Maj. Niven K. Cranfill, 369th FS, 359th FG, East Wretham, August 1944 $8.99

CED48203 Struck By Lightning #1: 

P-38G, #11, ³Lt. Sidney W. Weatherford, "Tommieıs Lucky Penny"/chiefıs head art, 48th FS, 14th FG, North Africa, August, 1943; P-38L-1, #218, , Lt. William Fowkes, "Billyıs Filly"/female art, , 12th FS, 18th FG, Zamboanga, Philippines; P-38L-5, #140, Uncle Sam riding lightning bolt superimposed on shamrock insignia, Capt. Elliot Summer, 432nd FS, 475th FG, 1945 $8.99

CED48208 Mustang Mania #3:

P-51D-20, CV*R, Ole Goat, Maj. George A.Doersch, East Wretham, April 1945; P-51D, CG*A, ³My Ready Steady²/with TWO female nose art pieces!, 38th FS, 55th FG; P-51D-20, IV*D, ³Hubert,² Lt. Rene L. Burtner, 369th FS, 359th FG, East Wretham, May 1945 (shot down Soviet Yak-9s near the end of WW II!); P-51D, CL*M, ³Katydid,² Lt. Col. Elwyn Righetti, 338th FS, 55th FG $8.99

CED48231 Big Jugs #1: 

P-47D-30-RE, FT*L, skull & crossed bones & eagle insignias, Maj. Glenn T. Eagleston, 354th FG, 9th AF, France, Dec 1944; P-47D-15-RA, #A23 Sleepy Time Gal, 1st. Lt. Herbert B. Emrich, 69th FS, 58th FG, New Guinea, early 1944; P-47D-28-RE, CP*J, Thatıs Urass, 367th FS, 358th FG, 9th AF $8.99

CED48232 Big Jugs #2:

P-47D-30-RE, G9*E, Look! No Hands, 509th FS, 405th FG, Spring 1945; P-47D-15-RE, #50, Noisy/female artwork, Lt. Robert Yaeger (5 victories), 40th FS, 35th FG, PTO 1944; P-47D-25-RE, LM*C, Miss Fire/Rozzie Geth II, Capt. Frederick Christensen, 62nd FS, Boxted, July 1944 $8.99

CED48233 Big Jugs #3:

P-47D-30-RE, WZ*S, ³Eileen²/bumblebee artwork, Lt.Frank Oiler, 84th FS, 78th FG , England, Fall 1944; P-47D-15, UN*S, female artwork, Lt. Samuel Stamps, 56th FG, Spring, 1944; P-47D-10, HV*Z, flown by Group Commander Col. Hub Zemke, 61st FS, 56th FG, April-May, 1944. It is believed Hub Zemke flew this aircraft when he attained 'double-ace' status. This was also the aircraft Zemke was flying when he was almost shot down by Luftwaffe ace Günther Rall (275 kills) on May 12, 1944. $8.99

In addition, here are the first two 1/32 F-15E Strike Eagle sheets we'll release in a couple of weeks (at the printer now; will be out in time for the IPMS-USA nationals):

CED32043 PREORDERS ONLY! Artful Eagles #1:

4th But First At War, F-15E Strike Eagles in The Iraq War. 88-1687, Mad Duck IV/Back For More; 88-1700, Dragon Betty; 89-0485, Memphis Belle; III/Memphis Belle IX; 89-0488, all from the 336 FS $8.99

CED32044 PREORDERS ONLY! Artful Eagles #2:

4th But First At War, F-15E Strike Eagles in The Iraq War. 88-1671, Shangri-La II; 88-1675, Sneaky
Carrot; 88-1690, Captain America, all from the 336 FS $8.99


Thanks to Cutting Edge Modelworks for the preview information and images

Cutting Edge Modelworks products, including Cutting Edge Decals, can be viewed at
Meteor Productions website

Review Copyright İ 2003 by Brett Green
This Page Created on 14 June, 2003
Last updated 14 August, 2003

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