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Model Alliance Decals
F/A-18, F-111, Bulldog, Tiger Moth



S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number and Description:

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Scale: 1/72 and 1/48
Contents and Media: Instruction sheet, colour and white decal sheets.
Price: Between AUD$8.00 - AUD$16.00
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: F/A-18 Anniversary schemes and F-111C are current subjects with comprehensive research into the decals, evident by the detail and data. The Tiger Moth and Bulldog decals are both very welcome additions that have long been neglected.
Disadvantages: No anti-collision lights for the Hornet of F-111 Decals; decal film covering whole sheet.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended for those interested in Anniversary schemes or Australian Defence Force aircraft.


Reviewed by Ryan Hamilton

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1/48 – Hasagawa/Revell-Monogram/Italeri

1/72 - Hasagawa/Fujimi/Italeri 

Decals consist of three sheets with the following - 

  •  Colour sheet consisting of roundels, walk-ways, tail markings, spine checks, magpie, and the “75 Squadron” sunset decal. 

  • Grey decals consisting of all data for standard RAAF Hornets

  • White decals for the roundels and to ensure that clarity of the “75 Squadron” sunset decal.

This aircraft is the standard colour scheme with markings to cerebrate the squadrons 60th Anniversary, in 2002. The photos on the instruction sheet show that the Hornet is well weathered with the exception of the tail, which was re-painted with a tail flash, (representative of the Sabre years). A magpie’s head is position aft of the cockpit, which blends into the checks along the spine. The checked spine decals are supplied in two parts, which assist in their placement. A helpful hint is to remove the aerials along the spine before applying them. Formation/anti collision  strip lights are not included.



1/48 – Hasagawa/Revell-Monogram/Italeri

1/72 - Hasagawa/Fujimi/Italeri 

Decals consist of three sheets with the following - 

  • Colour sheet consisting of roundels, tiger stripes for the tail tip, Australian Flag, and Tiger markings. Grey decals consisting of all data.

  • White decals for the roundels and to ensure that clarity of the colour decals.

I’ve always been disappointed that Australia’s has not had a regular visit to the NATO Tiger Meet exercise, as some of the Tiger schemes on display are very impressive. To celebrate 2nd Operational Conversion Units (2OCU) 60th Anniversary, an F/A-18A was painted with special tail markings.  

All Anniversary markings are confined to the tail, consisting of a leaping tiger over the 2OCU flash, tiger striped tips and an Australian flag. Formation strip lights are not included. Photos of the real aircraft are included on the instructions.



1/48 – Academy

1/72 - Hasagawa 

The 2002, 1 Squadron flew six F-111Cs to Nellis AFB to participate in the Red Flag Exercise. Shortly before they departed for America, new squadron tail markings were applied to the tail. These markings depict a Kookaburra carrying a guided bomb superimposed over a yellow cross. A white backing decal is supplied to endure clarity. The aircraft is overall Gunship Grey with black serial, data and national markings. The Gunship Grey applied to Australian F-111s has a tendency to weather very quickly, so it appears several shades light. 

Serial numbers are supplied for all F-111Cs (or Gs), and walkways are comprehensive supplied, with spares. Interestingly this set also contains “De Icing Boot Strips” for the leading edge of the wing, which are very handy.  

With the future release of the Hasagawa updated RAAF F-111 in 1.72, this set will complement it very well.  

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

(Photos of the real aircraft from Defence PR)



1/48 – Smer

1/72 - Airfix 

While on the subject of 1 Squadron aircraft, this is a simple set containing markings for a RAAF Bristol Bulldog from 1930. The aircraft is overall silver, with a green fuselage spine. Serials are supplied for two aircraft. Decals are supplied for roundels, which are carried in six positions and a red/white/blue rudder. The rudder must be painted white before the decal is supplied, and the decal allows for the rudder light and control cables. The decal of a “Bulldog” badge on the tail is a delightful touch. 




1/48 – Aeroclub/Smer

1/72 – Airfix/Aeroclub 

This would have to be my favorite on all these sets, as it contains decals for four Tiger Moths:  

  • A17-26 – This scheme depicts the typical scheme from very early 1940. Overall yellow with red training stripes, red/white/blue roundels and rudder. Black serial on the fuselage.

  • A17-625 – This scheme depicts the typical scheme from mid 1940s. Overall yellow with white/blue roundels and tail flash. Black serial on the fuselage and under wings.

  • A17-629 – This scheme depicts a post war RAAF Tiger Moth. Overall Silver with yellow training stripes, red/white/blue roundels in six positions and tail flash.

  • A17-692 – Depicts one of three Tiger Moths use by the Royal Australian Navy, post WWII. Overall Silver with yellow training stripes and rudder, red/white/blue roundels in six positions and the air station code “NW” on the tail. 

White decals are supplied for all roundels and tail flash. You will need to paint the rudder white if you are applying the rudder decals. The decals for the rudder are oversize which allows you to trim to the decal for a better fit. Since the 1/48 scale Smer and Aeroclub kits both have very different shaped tails, it will allow the decal to fit both kits.       

All decals are available from Model Alliance / Hawkeye Models Australia: 

Steve Evans -    sgevans@bigpond.com 

Many thanks to Model Alliance (Hawkeye Models) for the review copies

Review Copyright © 2003 by Ryan Hamilton
This Page Created on 04 April, 2003
Last updated 14 August, 2003

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