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Model Alliance


Decals and Book Preview


Aviation Workshop advises that the following decals, resin accessories and books will be available by the IPMS UK Nationals in November 2005:

Model Alliance Decals:

MA-72119 RAF Chinooks
MA-72 and 48 128 RAF Anniversary Tornado's. All 5 aircraft on 1 sheet.

MAS-72 and 48 9005 CH-146 Griffon. Canadian 417 Sqn SAR Scheme and 427 Sqn 60th Anniversary Scheme (All Black)
MAS-72 and 48 9019 CH-124 Sea King. Canadian 443 Sqn 60th Anniversary Scheme with large Hornet artwork down either side of the fuselage.
MAS-72 and 48 9018 BAe Hawk T.Mk.1. 2005 Display Scheme plus the Ribbon Scheme.

On-Target Books:

Profile No 8 PR Spitfires
Profile No 9 F/A-18A/B/C/D Hornet

HMS Ark Royal 50 Years of Flight Special
Spotlight 1- Mirage F1

Model Alliance 1/72 Resin Accessories:

CS-104 Raptor Recce Pod
CS-105 2 x Jaguar Fuel tanks
CS-106 Vinten Tactical Recce pod for Harriers/Jaguars and Tornados
CS-107 2 x Hindenburger Tornado Fuel Tanks
CS-108 2 x 1000lb RAF Iron Bombs
CS-109 2 x Tornado Chaff/Flare dispensers (New Style)
CS-110 Jaguar Phimat Pod and Pylon
CS-111 Jaguar ECM Pod
CS-112 2 x Jaguar Chaff/Flare dispensers
CS-113 2 x Paveway II 1000lb bombs
CS-114 2 x CVR-7 Rocket Pods
CS-115 2 x Tornado standard fuel tanks
CS-116 TIAD Pod
CS-117 2 x JP233
CS-118 Jaguar EMI recce Pod

Thanks to Gary Madgwick for the information

Page Created 19 September, 2005
Last updated 19 September, 2005

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