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IsraDecal IAF-29, -30, -31, and -32
Israeli Super Mystere B2 and Mystere IV



S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: IAF-29 through IAF-32
Scale: 1/48 (IAF-29 and IAF-31), 1/72 (IAF-30 and IAF-32)
Contents and Media: Waterslide decals
Price: $19 - $20 USD
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Excellent registration.  Multiple camouflage options with stenciling included.  Numbers and squadron badges to make every aircraft of the type flown by the IAF
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Dave Williams

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F i r s t   L o o k


Israeli Air Force Super Mystere B2 (IAF-29 and 30) 

Available in both 1/48 scale (IAF-29) and 1/72 scale (IAF-30), IsraDecals’ new sheet covers the French Super Mystere B2 as used by the Israeli Air Force (IAF).  Flown by only one operational squadron, the Scorpion Squadron, marking options are provided for all of the camouflage schemes fitted to the Super Mystere B2, as well as the Sa’ar, an upgraded Super Mystere with a J52 engine as used by the A-4 Skyhawk .  The addition of the new engine in the Sa’ar resulted in an extended exhaust fitted to these aircraft.  The camouflage options range from the original NMF, to the second scheme of blue/brown over light grey, to the final brown/green/sand over light blue scheme.  The instructions are contained in an 8-page booklet, which includes black and white photographs of various aircraft in addition to conventional line drawings showing decal placement. 

Specific instructions are provided for the following aircraft, all from Scorpion Squadron except one: 

·         Super Mystere #25, in NMF with a large red flash with yellow border on the fuselage sides

·         Super Mystere #06, in the 2nd scheme

·         Super Mystere #25, in the final scheme

·         Sa’ar #909, IAF Maintenance Unit in the 2nd scheme.  This was the first Sa’ar converted and had the title “Super Super Mystere” on the fuselage side and a red/yellow striped rudder.  This was also the only Sa’ar painted in the 2nd scheme

·         Sa’ar #82, in the final scheme

·         Sa’ar #49, in the final scheme with black-bordered orange ID panels on the wings and tails (provided as decals) 

Although the instructions show specific aircraft, numbers are provided as individual decals allowing the modeler to make any other Super Mystere / Sa’ar flown by the IAF.  Stencils are provided in French and Hebrew and allow the building of two aircraft (one NMF and one camouflaged).  The decals are thin and have good registration, and should pose no problems during application. 

Recommended kits are the Fonderie Miniatures kit in 1/48 scale and the Airfix kit in 1/72 scale.


Israeli Air Force Mystere IV (IAF-31 and 32) 

Like the Super Mystere sheets, the IsraDecal sets for the Mystere IV are available in both 1/48 (IAF-31) and 1/72 (IAF-32) scales.  Basically, everything that was said about the Super Mystere sheets also applies to these sheets.  Again the modeler is provided with squadron markings, individual numbers, and stencils in French and Hebrew to allow any Mystere IV in any of the three paint schemes (same as for the Super) to be built from the sheet. 

Specific instructions are provided for the following aircraft: 

·         Mystere IV #63, First Fighter Squadron, in NMF.  Yellow and black ID stripes on the wings and rear fuselage, however these will have to be painted as they are not provided on the sheet.

·         Mystere IV #50, First Fighter Squadron, in NMF.  Red stripe along fuselage side.

·         Mystere IV #30, First Fighter Squadron, in NMF.  Two kill marks and red strip as for #50.

·         Mystere IV #74, Valley Squadron, in NMF.

·         Mystere IV #15, Valley Squadron, in NMF.  Red lightning bolt along fuselage side

·         Mystere IV #193, Flying Wing Squadron, in the 2nd color scheme

·         Mystere IV #43, First Fighter Squadron, in the 2nd color scheme

·         Mystere IV #10, Valley Squadron, in the 2nd color scheme

·         Mystere IV #07, Flying Wing Squadron, in the final scheme

·         Mystere IV #44, Flying Wing Squadron, in the final scheme.  One kill mark from 1958.


Click the thumbnail to the right for a larger image of the decal sheets.

Recommended kits are the Hi-Tech kit in 1/48 and the Matchbox/Revell kit in 1/72.





These decals are of excellent quality and well researched.  Modelers who are interested in these IAF aircraft should have no reservations about picking up any of these sheets. 

Highly Recommended!

 Review samples kindly provided by Isradecal.

Dave Williams
IPMS/USA 19050

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