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Polish Sherman Decals

Hussar Productions



S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number and Description:

35023, 35024 and 35025

Scale: 1/35
Contents and Media: Three separate decal releases with 41 Polish Shermans between them
Price: Each USD$8.50 from Hussar Productions
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Wide variety of markings and camouflage; good value; about as colourful as Shermans get!
Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Mike Dobrzelecki





In modeling circles I am most noted for my interest in Polish aircraft but, having grown up in the 1960's, when most modelers built everything plastic, my hobby casts a wide net encompassing military vehicles, ships, space, sci-fi and figures - a real Renaissance Modeler. Despite the breadth of my net, I seem to catch more fish under the subspecies covered by the red and white national insignia with a Polish Eagle on it. Polish armor and vehicles set my pulse racing almost as much as Polish aircraft.

In comparison to aircraft modelers, armor enthusiasts have gotten the short end of the stick for a long time when it comes to after-market decals. Since the advent of AMPS, this situation has improved somewhat, but most of the subjects have been devoted to German armor and, while the "bad guys" had some wicked looking equipment, they will always remain the second runner-up in the WWII Olympics.

Hussar Productions, a new company headed up by Michael Szapowalow, owner-extraordinnaire of Air Connection, the internet/mail order hobby concern in Canada specializing in Eastern European ( accent grave on things "Polish") has filled the gap nicely for the "winning team" with his three new Polish Sherman Decal Sheets, Nos. 35023, 35024 and 35025. These sheets cover no less than a whopping forty one "Ronsons" ( please, no email from Shermanaholics ). AFV modelers will probably be able to model other "Shermanskis" just by mixing and matching the plethora of markings provided, so stock up on DML/Dragon/Tamiya and Italieri Shermans, not mention the Chesapeake resin and other M4 after-market goodies.

In general many of the machines covered were the vehicles that took part in the famous Polish Armor Loreto Parade in Italy in the summer of 1945, the names on the tanks being rendered in large yellow, white or red letters. While it's better than even money that many of these machines received their names just prior to the famed parade, it is probable that others in the parade were marked while still in active service during the war. For the more martial-minded, plenty of markings choices are provided for Polish Shermans in combat service. Most of the other markings selections are for MTO Polish Shermans with a few from the ETO. All of the favorites are covered: Scorpions, Winged Hussars, Milking Cows, Horses...even a Warsaw Mermaid. The only other after-market Polish vehicle sheets previously available offering Shermans are the Intech booklet/decal sets and sold old Verlinden rub-ons, the latter now long past their shelf life. Although I have not tested either the Intech or the Hussar decals, I have heard that the Intech sheets are not easy to work with. The Hussar decals look like they're a winner.

Sheet 35023 offers 15 Polish Shermans : Two M4A4, two M4A4, four Sherman III, one Firefly Vc, one M4A4 Firefly, one Sherman Ib (105mm), three M4A1 76mm and an M4A2 mis-labeled as a M3A2. A breakdown of types with names are as follows:

  • Sherman Ib "Poganin II" ("Pagan II")

  • Sherman III "Piesc II" ("Fist II")

  • Sherman III "Pigmej" ("Pygmy")

  • Sherman III "Pazur" ("Claw")

  • Firefly Vc "Szatan" ("Satan")

  • M4A1 76mm The Milking Cow (ETO mcahine)

  • M4A1 76mm "Kitkus II" (?)

  • Sherman III "Tur" (in desert camouflage - O.D. green and yellow-tan

  • Sherman III "Terror"

...the balance carrying no names, just generic squadron, regimental or division markings


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

Sheet 35024 provides 11 Polish Shermans : one M4A1, six Sherman III, one M4A3 (105mm) two Firelfy Ic Compsites and a single Sherman II. Named vehicles include the following:

  • M4A1 "Tobruk"

  • Sherman III "Lwow" ( city in eastern Poland )

  • Sherman III "Taifun" ( Typhoon in desert camouflage)

  • M4A3 105mm "Mex"

  • Firefly 1C Composite "Radom II" (city in Poland)

  • Firefly 1c Composite "Wielk Walc" ("The Grand Waltz" - only the Poles could name a tank after ballroom dancing !)

  • Sherman II "Acroma"

  • Sherman III "Quizil-Ribat"

  • Sherman III "Krechowiak"

  • Sherman III "Komarow"

  • the last being a generically marked desert camouflaged Sherman III


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

Sheet 35025 includes another 15 Polish Shermans : eleven Sherman III's, two Fireflies, one Firefly 1c Hybrid and a single M4 105mm. Annointed vehicles are:

  • Sherman III "Raid"

  • Sherman III "Burza"

  • Sherman III "Koziatyn"

  • Sherman III "Znicz"

  • Firefly 1c Hybrid Zemsta II" ( "Revenge" II")

  • Sherman III "Rozmach I" - olive drab

  • Sherman III "Quassasin" ("Asssasin")

  • Sherman III "Rozmach" - desert camouflage

  • Sherman III "Bohun"

  • Sherman III Bizon II

  • M4 105mm "Brytan"

  • Firefly "Bekas"

  • Firefly "Rycerz I"


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:


Conceivably, one could, in a grand mal of modeling madness, build a diorama depicting a good portion of, if not the whole array of Polish Shermans in the Loreto Parade. I do not know of any one modeler who would do this but my modeling buddy in Jersey, Ed Fortuna ( Italian by birth but a Polish Shermanaholic by avocation), founding member of the the Eastern Front Chapter of AMPS, intends to dust-off quite a few of his faves from these sheets and I'll be right behind him. Ed cryptically mentioned that modelers should pay particular attention to placement and configuration of stowage boxes on a couple of the Shermans depicted, particularly where they should clear starting crank apertures.

The sheets retail for an ultra-reasonable US $ 8.99 each and are available from Air Connection, which can be reached at : http://www.airconnection.on.ca , telephone 905-785-0016, fax -905-785-0582.....Tell them "Mike D" sent you.

Images and Text Copyright 2003 by Mike Dobrzelecki
This Page Created on 12 April, 2003
Last updated 14 August, 2003

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