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PYN-Up Decals
Forthcoming P-40E/F/N Releases

1/48 scale



HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Meteor Productions




PYN-Up Decals feature near-photographic quality continuous tone nose art markings with standard screen-printed markings for the other markings.

The following two subjects will be added to the range of PYN-Up Decals in the middle of May. A full review will follow in the coming weeks:


PYN-up Decals (1/48 scale)

PYND48023 Curtiss Cuties #1:

See cover art at the top of the page. P-40F, X2*8, sitting woman artwork on rudder, 79th FG/85th FS, Tunisia, Late 1942; P-40E, Dollye, #44, standing woman artwork between star and canopy, 49th FG/8th FS, Lt. Monty Eisenberg, Strauss Field, Darwin, Australia, June 1942.


PYND48025 Curtiss Cuties #2



P-40E-1, RAAF/Australia/United Kingdom, US flags on left nose, 77 Sq, RAAF, S/L Dick Cresswell, Goodenough Island, New Guinea, Late 1942; P-40N-5-CU, 49th FG/7th FS, Empty Saddle/Keystone Kathlene, #20, Maj Arland Stanton, Squadron Commander, Gusap, New Guinea, Early 1944.




Thanks to Cutting Edge Modelworks for the preview information and images

PYN-Up Decals maybe viewed at Meteor Productions website

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Last updated 12 May, 2005

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