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PYN-Up Decals for P-39 & B-25

1/48 scale



HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Meteor Productions




PYN-Up Decals feature near-photographic quality continuous tone nose art markings with standard screen-printed markings for the other markings.

The following two subjects are shipping now in the PYN-Up Decal range. A full review will follow in the coming weeks:

PYN-up Decals (1/48 scale)

PYND48026 P-39 #1:
see image at top of page

P-39D-1-BE, 41-28267/Q, Air-A-Cutie, 8 FG/36 FS; P-39N-5-BE, 42-18802, #51, Julie, Lt Roy Owen, 35 FG/41 FS, New Guinea, Oct 43.


PYND48029 B-25 #2:



B-25J-11-NC, 43-36012, Lazy Daisy Mae, Capt James Underwood, 345 BG/501 BS, Sibuyan Island, PI; B-25H-1-NA, 43-4211, #8, Erotic Edna, Lt Ralph Lanning, 1 ACG, 1944.


Thanks to Cutting Edge Modelworks for the preview information and images

PYN-Up Decals maybe viewed at Meteor Productions website

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Last updated 06 July, 2005

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