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RAF 24" Code Letters





S u m m a r y

Description RAF 24" Sky Type "S" Codes 1/48 Scale
RAF 24" Sky Type "S" Codes 1/72 Scale
RAF 24" Medium Sea Grey Codes 1/48 Scale
RAF 24" Medium Sea Grey Codes 1/72 Scale
RAF 24" Dull Red Codes 1/48 Scale
RAF 24" Dull Red Codes 1/72 Scale
Scale: 1/48
Price: 1/48 scale - 6.50 each
1/72 scale - 5.50 each
Contents and Media: each 1 x decal sheet; one A5 sized instruction sheet
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Amazing "art decal" system permits complete removal of carrier film after decal has dried; 24" codes common to many day fighters, night fighters and light bombers; code letters and numbers included; two or three optional styles for code letters A, F, G, J, M, R, S, W and the number 2
Disadvantages: Method of application will require some practice
Recommendation: Recommended


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British company The Model Centre has made its six debut decal releases with 24" RAF code letters in Sky, Medium Sea Grey and Dull Dark Red, in both 1/72 and 1/48 scales. There are a few companies that produce RAF codes in decal form, but none quite like these.

TMC's decals look like conventional decals with carrier film covering the entire sheet. Indeed, their clever system permits the decals to be slid onto the model in the conventional manner after dipping in water. However, when the decal is thoroughly dry, the carrier film - which is actually on top of the printed codes - can be carefully peeled off leaving a perfect marking with no surrounding film whatsoever.

This system might take a bit of practice. The instructions suggest a minimum of twelve hours drying time before removing the backing sheet. Being a typically impatient modeller I left it 12 hours almost to the minute before removing the sheet. This impatience led to part of the marking lifting with the sheet. Next time I lightly burnished the marking and left it longer. This worked perfectly.

Apart from the method of application, the colours look good and alternate styles are supplied for various letters and numbers. The 24" codes will be suitable for a wide range of subjects including day fighters, night fighters and light bombers.





These debut decal releases have the potential to create a highly authentic "painted-on" look for RAF code letters and numbers on your models.

I would recommend that you test the technique on painted scrap plastic first, and leave the markings in place for well over 12 hours before removing the backing sheet, but the extra time and effort should be well worthwhile.


Thanks to Ian Hartup from TMC - The Model Centre for the review samples

TMC Decals are available from The Model Centre stores in The Trafford Centre (Manchester), Nottingham, Leeds, Liverpool and Meadowhall (Sheffield); or by mail order via their website http://www.TMC-Direct.com

Text and Images Copyright 2003 by Brett Green
Page Created 22 April, 2003
Last updated 14 August, 2003

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