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F/A-18C/D “Thunderbolts & Vikings”



1/32 scale


Twobobs Decals




S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number and Description:

Two Bobs 32-021 F/A-18C/D “Thunderbolts & Vikings”

Scale: 1/32
Contents and Media: See text below
Price: USD$9.50 with free shipping online from http://www.twobobs.net
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Interesting and timely markings; great for new and forthcoming Academy kits; decals in register and with minimal carrier film; full color instructions
Disadvantages: Stencil markings adequate but not complete
Recommendation: Recommended.


Reviewed by Mike Reeves



This sheet is intended for the current 1/32 Academy F/A-18C Hornet but also includes markings for the upcoming D model from Academy as well. On the sheet you get markings for the following:

  • F/A-18C VMFA-251 “Thunderbolts” during June 2003

  • F/A-18D VMFA-225 “Vikings” during June 2003

Both aircraft are in the current FS36375 over FS36320 scheme.

The VMFA-251 jet deployed to OIF from NCAS Beaufort South Carolina. The aircraft in the squadron wore the 2xx modex numbers that were carried over from their deployment aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt during Operation Enduring Freedom in 2001. “Never Again” is stenciled on both LEX fences.

The VMFA-225 D model is the only jet from the squadron that carried any sort of mission markings from Operation Iraqi Freedom. The port side of the jet carries 1st MAR DIV markings on the spine and the 1ST MAR unit markings in color on the vertical stab. Operation Iraqi Freedom started before the starboard side could be painted so it carries the standard markings for VMFA-225. There are five markings on the port canopy signifying five defeated surface to air missiles.

The decals themselves are superb. As usual with Microscale printed decals there is very limited decal film to contend with. The grey markings seem to be spot on color wise as well. All of the markings are in perfect register with no smudges or off center numbers or letters. The lightning bolts for the VMFA-251 jet are very sharp looking.

If I have any gripe at all about sheets for modern jets in 1/32 scale it would have to be the lack of stencils provided on sheets. This sheet is no exception. I was also provided this same sheet in 1/48 and it is chock full of stenciling. Now, before you remind me of how big the markings have to be on the same size sheet as the 1/48 offering please understand I know this. Two Bobs provides you with adequate stenciling to make your Hornet look right. I know space is at a premium on 1/32 sheets.

Other than the lack of stencils, which are adequate but not complete, this sheet is awesome. The VMFA-225 markings alone make me a bit impatient in waiting for the 1/32 “D” model kit Academy is coming out with. They are very cool markings indeed.


I wish to thank the Two Bobs for the sheet. Two Bobs decals are available at http://www.twobobs.net


Twobobs Decals are available online directly from their website at http://www.twobobs.net

Images and Text Copyright 2004 by Mike Reeves
This Page Created on 13 May, 2004
Last updated 13 May, 2004

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