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T-38A Aggressive Talons


Twobobs Decals




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Catalogue Number and Description:

Two Bobs 48-064 T-38A Aggressive Talons

Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: See text below

Price - USD$9.50 from http://www.twobobs.net

Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Interesting options; decals in register and with minimal carrier film; full color instructions; specific markings for each aircraft.
Recommendation: Recommended.


Reviewed by Mike Reeves

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Some of my all time favorite aircraft are US Adversary aircraft. The schemes used on these aircraft are almost always colorful and functional. The latest Two Bobs T-38 sheet number 48-064 “Aggressive Talons” really emphasizes my point. On this sheet you get three very cool looking T-38s painted in multi colored schemes. Two of the three aircraft are from the very famous 64th FWS based at Nellis AFB, Nevada. The third aircraft is based out of the 479th TTW based at Holloman AFB, New Mexico. Here is what you get on this sheet.


  • Aircraft #1 – T-38A in the Grape scheme from the 64th FWS. The aircraft is very colorful and carries the grey/grey/blue scheme of FS 35164, FS35414 and FS35109 on the top with an all grey underside of FS33622

  • Aircraft #2 – T-38A in the snake scheme from the 64th FWS. This aircraft is a very earth toned middle eastern camoflauged aircraft sporting three colors overall. The base color is FS33531 with the other two colors being FS34250 and FS30118 respectively.

  • Aircraft #3 – AT-38B in the LIFT scheme from the 479TFW at Holloman AFB, New Mexico. This aircraft is painted in a two blue and a grey scheme of FS33450, FS35164 and FS35109 scheme. I will go on record as saying that this is the one I am doing on one of my T-38s. It looks awesome!!


The great thing about the Two Bobs sheets are, the instructions. You get port and Starboard views as well as top and bottom. The instructions are full color and include a few photos of the aircraft on the sheet as well as paint matches for the FS numbers by several paint manufacturers. The best part of this sheet is that it gives you the ability to build all three jets. You don’t have to choose just one or two because the Bob’s provide you all of the markings for each aircraft. This is great value for the money if you ask me.


The decals themselves are free from major decal film and they are in perfect register. There are very few stencils on the sheet but, that is normal for most T-38s these days. Simply put if you like Aggressors, this sheet is for you. I can’t wait to get some time to actually build one of my Talons and slap the LIFT scheme markings on it.




This review sheet courtesy of www.Twobobs.net 

Twobobs Decals are available online directly from their website at http://www.twobobs.net

Images and Text Copyright 2004 by Mike Reeves
This Page Created on 08 February, 2004
Last updated 07 February, 2004

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