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OIF Apaches


1/48 scale


Twobobs Decals



S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number and Description:

Two Bobs 48-085 OIF Apaches

Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: See text below
Price: USD$9.50 from http://www.twobobs.net
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Interesting markings; decals in register and with minimal carrier film; full color instructions
Recommendation: Recommended.

Reviewed by Mike Reeves

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How do you make an already mean looking aircraft look meaner? Add a shark's mouth to it!

That is precisely what the 1st CAV, 1st Battalion, 3rd Aviation Regiment, Hunter AAF, Georgia did to their AH-64D Apaches. Two Bobs Decals has captured two of the shark mouthed beasts along with one other example from the 1st CAV, 227th Aviation Regiment A Company based at Fort Hood, Texas.

The first aircraft from Hunter AAF sports a slender looking shark mouth along with the dome on top of the rotor. The second one from the same unit has a fatter and in my opinion , meaner looking shark mouth on the nose chines but does not carry the rotor dome. The last aircraft from Fort Hood, Texas has an eagle head with an American Flag flying through it on the tail. This aircraft was photographed in Iraq by Hyperscales own Scott Brown. There are several pictures of this aircraft along with the other two on the instruction sheet.

As you can see by the scan of the sheet itself, there are not too many decals as Apaches really are sparsely marked. There is very minimal decal film and the colors and markings are well within register. These markings can be used on the Hasegawa , Academy and Italeri 1/48 Apache kits. I do not believe that the old Monogram A model can be upgraded to D model status but I will leave that question to the experts on the Apace.

I have gone out and bought a Hasegawa D model as the shark mouth markings are just way too cool to pass up! I can highly recommend this sheet to all.

Highly Recommended.

My thanks to Bob Sanchez at Two Bobs Aviation Graphics for the review sample

Twobobs Decals are available online directly from their website at http://www.twobobs.net

Images and Text Copyright 2005 by Mike Reeves
This Page Created on 09 January, 2005
Last updated 08 January, 2005

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