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Belgian Vipers Parts 1-3
F-16 Tail Art




Catalogue Number: ZOTZ 48-001 Belgian Vipers #1
ZOTZ 48-001 Belgian Vipers #2
|ZOTZ 48-001 Belgian Vipers #3
Scale: 1/48 (also available in 1/72 and 1/32)
Contents and Media: Each set includes one full colour instruction sheet with colour callouts and placement guide; one main decal sheet with tail art; small supplementary sheet.
Price: TBA
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: High "wow" factor for amazing tail art; colourful variation for otherwise uniformly camouflaged aircraft type; perfectly printed including beautifully reproduced shading and half-tones.
Disadvantages: Some conversion will be required for authentic Belgian variant; no Belgian stencils supplied
Recommendation: Recommended.

Reviewed by Brett Green

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First Look


If you have ever lamented the lack lawndart colours; if you have found yourself railing against all those the relentlessly grey Vipers, then these new decals will be very welcome.

Eli Raphael, from Albatros Decals, has introduced a new line of special marking decals called Zotz. The first three releases focus on Belgian F-16s.

With the exception of Greek, Israeli or Aggressor F-16s, there has not been a lot of variety available until now. These decals will add instant character, with bold artwork completely covering the prominent tails of the three subject aircraft.

One subject is covered per sheet. The main sheet incorporates the big decals for either side of the tail. Belgian national markings and other decals are supplied on a smaller, supplementary sheet.


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

Instructions are supplied on a letter-sized full colour sheet. The directions and diagrams are simple, but there are not many markings so this is entirely appropriate.

Some conversion work is required for the to the tail in order to authentically represent a Belgian F-16. The instructions point out that an F-16 MLU BAF Tail conversion is available from Plastic World Modeling Products in Belgium (email plasticworld@skynet.be ). Stencil decals are not supplied, but once again the instructions point the modeller to a source, in this case DACO Decals http://ultra.glo.be/daco/DacoDecal.html

The larger decal sheets appear to be screen printed. This method handles the attractive (but challenging for the printing process) half-tones and shading very well indeed. All the markings are in perfect register on my three samples, and carrier film appears to be quite thin.

Although the decals under review are in 1/48 scale, they are also available in 1/72 & 1/32 scales.




Once again, Albatros Productions (this time through Zotz Decals) has got me thinking about building a subject of which I had little previous knowledge or interest. I keep thinking how nice that Viper would look with its angry "Braveheart" Scott shouting from the fin!

This is another series of great, inspirational releases from Albatros / Zotz.


Thanks to Eli from Zotz / Albatros Productions for the preview images

Albatros and Zotz Decals are available from many dealers including CRM Hobbies ,  Linden Hill Imports , Great Models webstore , Flightdecs , Victory Models , Hannant's , North American Hobbies and Squadron Mail Order

Review Text Copyright 2004 Brett Green
This Page Created on 26 March, 2004
Last updated 26 March, 2004

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